A new GPX track has been published to reflect some necessary changes to the Baja Divide route, primarily between San Diego and Tecate.  Please download the new track and do not use the old track, as several segments are now signed as private property.

Download GPX tracks, waypoint files, and the printable resupply chart and distance guide.

Interactive maps of the Baja Divide on Ride With GPS:

Northern Sierra
Valle de los Cirios
Cape Loop

Baja Divide downloads are available on Google Drive, including GPX tracks, basemap downloads and a printable resupply charts and distance guide.  A full-resolution GPX file is available, as well as a downsized file with 10k points which is required for some smaller or older handheld GPS devices.  The route is also broken up into four segments– Northern Sierra, Valle de los Cirios, Missions, and Cape Loop– shorter digestible segments each comprised of 4-6 sections with 10k points or less.  A Garmin compatible .gmap file is included providing a limited basemap with topography for the entire country of Mexico, and a waypoint folder indicates most of the resources listed in the section narratives and on the resupply chart.  Additional free basemaps will be available this fall.  A printable resupply chart is a handy reference indicating distances between towns and the resources available.

Currently, the best commercial maps for bikepacking in Baja are the E32 Cartografia GPS basemaps and the out-of-print Baja Almanac which is still available from a few retailers.  Open source digital basemaps will suffice for most travelers, but if you wish to explore further afield, the products above may help.  Free Open Street Maps are available for download, and this helpful guide describes the process for loading maps to an Edge series computer.

A two part National Geographic map series also provides a useful– if slightly less complete– map of the peninsula, printed on weather resistant paper.

A printed Baja Divide map and resupply guide is scheduled for development this winter, to be published sometime in 2017.  This is not meant to be a navigational tool, but will provide an overview of the route and will be a convenient way to plan riding days and resupply.  Please contact Nicholas Carman at if you have an interest in helping with this project.