Happy Holidays: 4 Reasons To Stay In La Union

La Union’s pride hinges on its monstrous waves, which yearn and hug the shores most of the year. Elyu, as locals fondly call it, is part of the holy trinity of Filipino surfing. It is part of the wave rider’s playground; many publications have noted this to the point it has already been deemed common knowledge.

However, the waves are just one part of La Union that it offers. From other natural wonders like Tangadan Falls and Immuki Island to its colorful culture, many noteworthy reasons exist to keep visiting Elyu.

Keep reading to find out why Elyu is worth visiting all over!

Party Spirit

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San Juan La Union Beach Hotels are many. Despite the exterior, Elyu holds a crevice of ironies. By day, it is tranquil. By night, it turns festive. One such social place is the Flotsam and Jetsam hostel. Here, you share a few drinks, make new friends, or even dance with them as well.

Expect the party spirit to be alive and strong, especially on holidays and Saturday nights.

However, don’t forget to drink responsibly! Drugs are not allowed here in Elyu. The kind of fun partying encouraged here is excellent and clean. Be sure to expect it here when you visit!

Local Love

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Next up is a love for locals. In the Philippines, locals are no strangers to such a principle: the love for locals, fuelled by nationalism and patriotism. When in Elyu, you can do as the Ilocanos do!

In San Juan, there has been a significant change. Over time, San Juan, La Union, has evolved from a small fishing town to a flourishing surf community that has lured a thousand surfers annually. Locals own businesses in the area, as do former city dwellers, who have opted for a better lifestyle here.

The Great Northwest Philippines Travel Stop & Viewing Deck is near Flotsam and Jetsam. Notably, tenants here have La Union’s trademark products. In addition, other establishments along Urbiztondo Beach sell similar products that carry the essence of La Union’s local flavor.


Suppose people seem so friendly and everyone seems to know everybody else. In that case, they are warm and accommodating people, and they have known one another for a long time and treat one another as family.

For La Union locals, living in Elyu is akin to having a vacation daily. It is a joy that people share with locals and migrants.

A Laid-Back Vibe

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What makes La Union enduring and endearing is the lifestyle. Here, the community is laid-back, almost like having a daily vacation. Aside from the everyday experience of being near the waves, La Union is all about its surfing culture. The commonality of the love and passion for the sport has helped bring surfers together in Elyu.

Wrapping Up

If you want a cozy and laid-back vibe, then Elyu is for you! Although its surf culture is a massive part of its draw, it is more than that. Elyu, instead, is not just a place but a community where good food, surf, and love and support for locals thrive.