5 Reasons Why Strider Bikes Are Great for Kids

Bicycles are a part of every child’s growing up, as learning how to ride one is one of the biggest milestones in one’s life. Those are things we never forget. Do you remember your first bike rides? These memories probably go way back, to when we first had those big plastic tricycles. When they became too small for us, we rode on slightly bigger, real ones, with the help of auxiliary wheels. These unforgettable scenes get stuck in our memory forever – parents running after us, yelling and instructing us how to turn the pedals.

And today? Parks, playgrounds, and city centers are full of little ones racing around on two-wheeled bikes with no pedals at all. With bicycles without pedals today, every parent can skip the plastic tricycles and even the auxiliary wheels. In addition, they are light and much easier to carry once the little stubborn person declares that he doesn’t wish to ride them anymore.

If your child is slowly reaching that stage when it’s becoming interested in bikes, you are probably considering why should you choose a balance bike. According to MXPN if you choose to buy a quality one, such as a strider bike, you’ll make sure your child develops proper motor skills on time.

There are several other good reasons why these bikes should be every child’s first form of transportation, so to say. Read the rest of the article to find out what these are.

1. They are super easy to master

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Have you noticed how kids today are learning a lot faster than we did? Some children are ready to ride as early as 18 months, some later, but generally speaking, they become skillful riders a lot earlier than we did. It is because they have a lot more gadgets at their disposal than we did, back in the good old days. These include balance bikes as well.

Small children are very nervous when they cannot do something on their first try. Choosing to buy one of these won’t give them much trouble. It will only be necessary to master pushing and steering. At the age of one, children start to push themselves on toy cars, so pushers are the perfect continuation for that discipline. Hence, it will be both fun and easy to master.

2. Safety

Even though they might look different, these bikes are much safer than tricycles and bicycles with auxiliary wheels. Tricycles are bulky and slow and difficult to maneuver on uneven terrain.

Bicycles with auxiliary wheels can be too much of a challenge for a small child – the little one concentrates too much on turning the pedals and forgets about balance. While on the other hand, by using these bikes, children very quickly improve their footwork, concentrate on balance, and fall less. So, if you want your child to be less bruised, it’s a good choice to buy a strider bike.

3. Motors skills are developed faster

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Maintaining balance and steering a bicycle contribute to the development of motor skills. Coordination of movements and maintaining balance are important skills that make a child more dexterous, which means fewer scars from early childhood.

4. Children can more easily transition from a bicycle without pedals to a regular bicycle

A bicycle without pedals allows children to feel what it’s like to keep their balance. Children who have been pushing themselves since the age of three or four easily transition to a bicycle with pedals without auxiliary wheels.

5. Fun and being in the fresh air

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Once a child becomes confident on a bicycle without pedals, they will begin to enjoy racing on two wheels. They will pull you by the sleeve to go for a walk or a drive. And the benefits of being in the fresh air are really great.

Finally, it is important to point out how much time children today spend inside, playing video games on so many different devices, All of this makes them lazy to go out, which can never be good for their mental, social, and emotional life. Any activity that keeps them playing outside is more than precious, which is why bikes are things every parent should make sure their child has.

After all, every extracurricular activity today comes with a price. You can look at cycling as the cheapest extracurricular activity you can add to your child’s schedule.

We all know that cycling has an incredible ability to influence the physical health of our body, especially the youngest ones who are still developing. Research has shown that even a relatively short bike ride to school or around the park is of great importance for strengthening the child’s body – it increases the condition of the heart, blood vessels, bone, and muscle strength, improves coordination and proper posture, regulates body weight, and at the same time helps in prevention of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

But, besides being good for the body there are a lot more benefits. The bicycle also trains the brain. Riding on two wheels is a combination of several very important skills for a child. At the same time, numerous motor skills such as turning the wheel, directing the steering wheel, maintaining balance and braking are improved, and cognitive skills such as concentration, logical reasoning, and processing of visual and sound information are also learned, and there is also the creation of awareness of orientation in space, which will help him find his way home in case he gets lost. All of these are being developed without the child even being aware of it.

Some have even tested the influence on their grades if they are engaged in activities such as cycling. The result was that even a thirty-minute ride can greatly influence their school progress.

So, if you have a small one, who’s about to start walking on his own, this is the right time to think about buying him a balance strider bike.