5 Days in Las Vegas: How to Plan an Amazing Road Trip

Visiting Las Vegas is something that should be on everyone’s list, as this city is much more than a gambling hub. Yes, the instant thought when someone mentions this city is about games of chance and having the time of your life (if you remember it, of course), but there are also many breathtaking sights, museums, historically rich places, national parks, etc., that will surely make you come back once more. On the other hand, having so many options can also be a bit of a problem, which is why we have created a five-day guide on how to plan an amazing road trip while in Las Vegas, but if you want more info on casinos, make sure to check www.americancasinosites.com and go through casino reviews.

Day 1: Death Valley National Park

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This national park is not specific only because of its size, although it is the biggest one in the entire US, just behind Alaska, and there are a lot of interesting facts about it, so it is worth visiting. First of all, there is no light in the entire park, which means that it is perfect for people who enjoy watching the stars, as it is once in a lifetime experience. Speaking about the terrain, each visitor is more than amazed, as Death Valley’s landscapes are diverse and breathtaking.

Regarding that, you can enjoy climbing the mountains, walking over enormous expanses where the sea and lakes used to be, and admiring even sand dunes, all in one place. Be prepared for extremely high temperatures, and avoid visiting it during the summer.

Day 2: Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

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After spending a day in one of the world’s hottest places, it is necessary to cool down and relax, and there is no better way than visiting Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Both of them are located near Vegas, so there is no need to drive a lot, and it can be a fun excursion.

The best idea is to see Hoover Dam first, as this powerful installation is why this city in the middle of nothing has enough water and electricity to welcome millions of people from over the globe each year. The dam has been the biggest one in the world for a long time, and it will probably remain the biggest even in the future.

Of course, nothing would be possible without Lake Mead which serves as the giant reservoir but still has a lot to offer. If you know how to drive a boat, there is an option to rent it and enjoy the day on the lake, and if you do not know how to do that, there is no need to worry, as you can take a cruise, or simply spend some time at the beach and relax while watching the sunset.

Day 3: Nelson Ghost Town

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There is something spooky yet too tempting about abandoned cities that look just like they were a few decades ago, and Nelson Ghost Town is just like that. It was a mining town full of miners, but once the mining was quitted, it was abandoned, and it is now an amazing tourist attraction that attracts many people. Although not all the items you can see in the city are authentic, as some of them were added and some were changed and relocated for a better experience, the city still provides the perfect insight into miners’ lives.

However, it is necessary to walk carefully, as there are a lot of rattlesnakes, which is better to avoid. Here you can see a closed gold mine, which used to be the most productive one, and entering the mine is a great experience, but it can be cold inside, so it is better to be prepared in time.

Day 4: The Mob Museum

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It doesn’t matter if you are fond of mob movies or not because this museum will definitely have something for you. Even though it’s about organized crime in general and throughout history, interactive and high-tech exhibits will leave even the most skeptical people speechless. It is one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas, and the museum itself also has plenty of unique artifacts, but this is also the place where you can learn much about the history of mobsters, when and how it all started and progressed through time in the US.

It is a modern history museum with lots of information about organized crime, combined and designed perfectly to make you keep close attention and crave to learn more. With this said, don’t be surprised if you spend more than three hours here, as the time will fly once you step in, especially if you are really into mob movies. Another great thing is that once you step out, you will be full of impressions yet still have plenty of time to explore other monuments and historical sights and even play your favorite game of chance.

Day 5: The Grand Canyon Tour

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Sitting just 270 miles away from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon is something you simply must visit while going here, as the tour itself is breathtaking, not to mention that moment you actually see the Canyon for the first time. It is a sight that leaves no one indifferent, which is why everyone who has come here states that it is one of the most picturesque sights in the world.

As for the tour, it all depends on personal preferences and what you want to get, but the most classic routes take you to the South Rim, Grand Canyon Village, and many trails and viewpoints, and most of them have time reserved for lunch.

One thing we must add here is that this is a tour that lasts for the entire day, and even though there will be some time to walk around the city once you get back, the chances are high that you will be overexcited yet tired. Of course, those persistent enough can always take a walk in the evening and at least go to the Bellagio Fountain Show, as it can be a perfect picturesque end of an amazing and eventful day and an even better end to your Las Vegas vacation.