Employee Motivation: 8 Travel Experiences Your Team Will Love

Corporate travel experiences will showcase your appreciation for your team, reward their hard work, support employee bonding, and even incentivize staff to work much harder for a brand.

Investing in unique and fun travel experiences could retain your staff members’ loyalty throughout the years and boost morale, helping the business to hold onto its top talent and become an industry leader.

Also, there are different options to match various business budgets and needs. Start motivating your team and consider the following eight travel experiences your team will love.

1. A Company Christmas Party on a Yacht

A Company Christmas Party on a Yacht
Source: daveyslocker.com

Many businesses make the mistake of spending significant money on dull Christmas parties that fail to impress their employees. Instead, thank your team in style by hosting the annual company Christmas Party on a yacht.

It is a fun way to elevate the event, as your team can sip on cocktails while breathing in the beauty of Marina del Rey harbor, Santa Monica Bay, and the Los Angeles coastline. Also, a festive company Christmas party on a yacht will be extra special with a gourmet dining experience, live entertainment, and a Yuletide backdrop. It is a fun trip your staff will never forget and may motivate them to work harder than ever for the business.

2. A Wellness Retreat

A wellness retreat is beneficial for a business and its employees for many reasons. The most important being the mental and physical improvements it can offer your staff. The relaxing retreat will provide your team with an opportunity to lower their stress levels, detox their mind and body, and restore calm in their lives.

As a result, your employees will return home feeling happier and healthier than ever, which will make them more productive at work. Plus, a restorative retreat will provide them with a greater appreciation for their workplace, which could enhance motivation, improve focus, and increase loyalty to the brand.

There are different types of wellness trips you can organize for your team, such as:

  • A yoga retreat
  • Spa break
  • Digital detox retreat
  • Hiking & biking
  • Sunshine and surfing

There is bound to be a wellness retreat that is ideal for your staff and may help reset their mind and body. You might be surprised by the difference it makes to your employees’ mental health and employee morale. Also, the experience could boost team bonding and create healthier dynamics in the workplace.

3. International Conferences or Exhibitions

International Conferences or Exhibitions
Source: hoteliermiddleeast.com

Most ambitious employees will appreciate an opportunity to travel to internationally respected industry conferences, exhibitions, or annual events. It is a unique experience they might never have enjoyed without the business’s support, and it could even help your top talent forge new connections that could prove valuable to their careers.

Your hardworking staff could return to the workplace with a new lease of life, as they might feel inspired by respected guest speakers at the event. As a result, they will likely be eager to act on all the information they absorbed during the business trip.

4. An International Business Trip to a Big City

Many hardworking professionals dream of a job that takes them to different corners of the world. If your company promises to do so and provides countless international travel opportunities, you could secure a talented employee’s loyalty throughout their career.

Some of your skilled staff might jump at the chance to attend an in-person business meeting in a major city. For instance, they might be more than happy to travel to London, as it is one of the best business travel destinations in the world. After all, it is home to major tech companies, international banks, FMCGs, and businesses in every industry imaginable.

Therefore, it is an ideal place to visit to form new connections, develop stronger industry relationships, and learn from experts in the field. Plus, when they are not attending corporate events or rubbing shoulders with esteemed professionals, they can visit countless historic attractions, fine dining restaurants, the coolest bars, and internationally respected theaters.

Of course, there are other exciting business hubs across the globe that your employees would want to visit during working hours, such as New York City, Shanghai, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, to name a few destinations.

5. An Action-Adventure Trip

An Action-Adventure Trip
Source: appalachiantrail.org

If you are looking for an exciting action-adventure trip that will boost team bonding, support good health, and catapult morale, there are plenty of activities to choose from that your team might love. Plus, your employees might relish an opportunity to step away from the workplace and spend more time outdoors.

For example, you could reach out to an action-adventure travel company to organize a trip to a destination that offers one or more of the following activities:

  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Axe throwing
  • Abseiling
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing

It is a superb trip idea for employees who love a challenge or to spend time in the great outdoors. You can trust your team will return home feeling fitter, stronger, and happier than ever. Plus, they could form stronger bonds by helping one another complete challenges and cheering each other on, which will support good communication and teamwork.

6. A Paid Vacation

If there is one type of travel experience your team will not turn down, it is a paid vacation with their nearest and dearest. Many businesses reward their high performers with a paid trip to a beautiful destination at home or overseas as a thank-you for their contribution to the brand’s success.

Also, some entrepreneurs may provide one or more members of staff with a paid vacation if they hit specific targets, as it could incentivize staff to work harder and smarter for the brand. It is an effective way to showcase your appreciation for their hard work and effort to date, and you can trust they will be thankful they joined the company when enjoying some much-needed downtime with one or more loved ones.

7. A Fun Field Trip

A Fun Field Trip
Source: fieldtripdirectory.com

Field trips aren’t restricted to schools, as most employees would happily escape from the workplace for the day to have some fun with their colleagues. If your staff appear stressed and tired or morale is at a low, it might be time to clear their schedules to enjoy a fun day out together. A break in the middle of the working week might be what your team needs to relax, form stronger professional relationships, and reignite a passion for the business.

For instance, you could gather everyone onto a bus to visit a:

  • Museum
  • Historical attraction
  • Theme park
  • An outdoor adventure center (think ziplining, high ropes, and climbing towers)

Rest assured, the team will have plenty of fun throughout the day and will likely chat about the various activities or funny moments for many weeks to come.

8. A Corporate Volunteering Experience

A corporate volunteering experience is a must-do at least once in your business’s lifespan, as it provides endless benefits to your brand and employees. Giving back to a community will allow your team to take a break from the daily grind while feeling a sense of satisfaction that they are improving others’ lives and circumstances.

What’s more, the trip could foster collaboration and unity between colleagues, helping them form healthy and productive working relationships. Plus, they might need to make quick decisions or guide a team, helping them develop valuable leadership skills that could shape their career. It may even re-energize employees struggling with high stress and could put their worries into perspective.

Of course, a volunteering experience will benefit a brand in many ways, as it could support a company’s values and prove it is a caring organization. Also, your team might appreciate the unique chance to help people in need, which could lead to greater respect and appreciation for the business.

Survey your team about any volunteering opportunities they would like to pursue at home or overseas. Once you have reached a consensus, take the steps to make the trip a reality to enjoy all the above benefits.


Corporate Trip

Every employee deserves recognition and appreciation. The odd kind word might lift morale, but it might not be enough to make them feel valued throughout the year. If you want to prove to your team how much the business respects their knowledge, talent, and experience, you should consider the above trip opportunities to acknowledge their contributions.

You can express your thanks in various ways, from affordable field trips that will help employees recharge their batteries to fun and luxury Christmas parties onboard a scenic yacht. Also, you could even sweep your team off to a wellness retreat to restore their mind and body, provide an opportunity to rub shoulders with industry experts in a major city, or embrace a unique volunteering opportunity at home or abroad.

Whatever option you pick, you can trust the experience will support team bonding, boost morale, and convey your appreciation for their knowledge, skills, and productivity. You might be surprised by the difference it makes to internal productivity and employee turnover.