9/Santa Rosalillita to Bahía de los Ángeles

Distance: 76 mi (122.3km)

Notes: some of the best coastal riding on the route is south of Santa Rosalillita, 6 miles of rough doubletrack leading away from the coast to MEX1, beautiful ride from Rosarito to Misión San Borja, 8 miles of pavement into BOLA on quiet paved road, the Sea of Cortez!

Resupply: Santa Rosalillita-fWM, Rosarito-fWMR, Misión San Borja-W, BOLA-FWMCR

This section is one of the most diverse on the route, contacting both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez and including coastal riding, some rough doubletrack, and some high quality dirt roads to the small oasis at Misión San Borja.

Leaving Santa Rosalillita the route travels some of the most pleasant coastal tracks of the entire route, although the track leaving the coast and connecting with a brief section of MEX1 is little used and both sandy and rocky. After a short northward jaunt on MEX1, there are several services near Rosarito. First, a truck stop with a motel and restaurant is a mile and a half south of town, while several small stores and a second motel are found in Rosarito.

The track continues through Rosarito to Misión San Borja on a well-used and signed dirt road. The mission church at San Borja is well-preserved and still in use, and the town plaza has shade and water, although only one or two families remain in the area. A water tap is found immediately to the south of the shade coverings in the public plaza. Ask locally about the hot springs and cave paintings, both of which are a short walk away.

Leaving Misión San Borja the road climbs over a small pass and makes a long descent to the pavement. About 8 miles of pavement and a descent lead back to sea level at Bahía de los Àngeles. At last, you meet the Sea of Cortez! Bahía de Los Àngeles features several large grocery stores, restaurants, motels, and campgrounds. Wifi is available, although there is no bank in town, no bike shop, and no regular bus service. Hotels in BOLA are priced for tourists, so rates are higher than in most highway towns.

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