6/Vicente Guerrero to Nueva Odisea

Distance: 44.5 mi (71.6km)

Notes: two singletrack MTB centers along this section, the best bike shop for miles in Vincente Guerrero (FASS Bike), ride the salt flats and beach from San Quintn to Nueva Odisea, resupply in San Quintin/Nueva Odisea is essential for the ride to Cataviña, get cash in San Quintín to last until Vizcaíno

Warning: extreme high tides may influence the tide flats between San Quintin and Nueva Odisea resulting in sticky, salty mud

Resupply: Vicente Guerrero-FWMCRB$ Bus, San Quintín-FWMCRB$ Bus, Nueva Odisea-fWCR

San Quintín is the name used to describe the entire coastal plain between Vicente Guerrero and Nueva Odisea, which is a populated stretch of MEX1 extending for over 40 miles. Services are abundant in this region, and the best bike shop between Ensenada and La Paz is found in Vicente Guerrero, called FASS Bike. There are two singletrack centers along this section, one east of Vicente Guerrero and the other northeast of San Quintín. The trails near Vicente Guerrero have hosted large MTB championships, attracting riders from Tijuana and Ensenada. This area is a highly productive agricultural region, thanks to moisture from the sea and abundant sunshine.

The riding between Vicente Guerrero and San Quintín is exclusively along mellow dirt roads. Passing through San Quintín, another bustling highway town, the route rides west toward a series of low volcanoes and a broad shallow bay. The Molina Viejo, a local landmark and tourist site, sits at the end of a short peninsula just off route where a touristic restaurant and a small store are available. The route continues along sandy doubletracks amidst salt marshes before continuing onto a broad beach for several miles and connecting with MEX1 at Nueva Odisea. Here you will find a couple of small stores, a restaurant, and an ice cream shop. Haul enough food to get to Cataviña as there are only minor resupply points on the highway at El Sacrificio, El Descanso, and San Agustin, which are mostly truck stops serving hot meals. Haul enough water to get from Nueva Odisea to the highway at El Sacrificio. San Quintín is also the last place to withdraw cash from a bank ATM until Vizcaíno.

There is no ATM in Cataviña or Bahía de Los Angeles.

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