4/Santo Tomás to Colonet

Distance: 53.4 mi (85.9 km)

Notes: steep climb out of Santo Tomás, scenic dirt roads along the rocky Pacific Coast, Colonet is the first of many colorful MEX1 highway towns with fun food and resupply

Warning: No bank or ATMs available at Colonet.

Resupply: Santo Tomás-FWMCR, Ejido Eréndira- FWMC, Colonet FWMR Bus

A steep switchback climb leads out of Santo Tomás whereafter relatively little elevation change defines the rest of the route to Colonet. The road is wide and well traveled with a few rocky and sandy sections. This is the first wild coastline south of the border. It is a remarkable contrast to the developed coastline of Alta California, USA. Eréndira is a small fishing town with some tourism and several well stocked shops. South of Eréndira the route navigates farm fields, passes a unique rocky outcropping and eventually climbs away from the water. It follows some well used Baja 1000 tracks and eventually passes the Johnson Ranch before rejoining a graded dirt road to Colonet. Colonet is a bustling MEX1 town whereby the highway acts as a main street to the community. There are many loncherías, panaderías, taco stands and stores. This is the last major resupply until Vicente Guerrero.

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