3/Ojos Negros to Santo Tomás

Distance: 46.7 mi (75.2 km)

Notes: view of the Pacific Ocean from the highpoint south of Tres Hermanos, huge descent to Ejido Uruapan is initially rough and eroded, hot springs in Ejido Uruapan, vineyards in Santo Tomás, Ensenada is about 25 miles from both Ojos Negros and Santo Tomás and has all services

Warning: The Baja 1000 race takes place in mid-November every year and may affect road conditions along the Baja Divide.  The route changes annually, but it always departs from Ensenada.  Beware of racers pre-running the course through early November, and during the race.

Resupply: Ojos Negros-FWCR, Ejido Uruapan-fWC, Ejido el Ajusco-fW, Santo Tomás-fWCR

South of Ojos Negros the route crosses paved Highway 3, continuing along farm roads and eventually onto some well used Baja 1000 tracks. It passes a series of ranches and abandoned ranch sites ascending to a high point after Tres Hermanos with the first view of the Pacific Ocean since crossing into Mexico. From here the route descends all the way to Ejido Uruapan. The initial descent off the top of the mountain is very steep and rough and may require some walking. After several undulations, a prolonged descent leads to the valley floor. Erosion on parts of this descent requires caution.

There are a couple of small stores in Ejido Uruapan, and a hot springs is signed from town. There is an official campground at the junction with MEX1, and nearby a wine tasting room. The few miles of highway riding to Santo Tomás have a generous shoulder, which you lose in the final hundred yards. You’ll likely feel the wind of a passing vehicle as you leave the pavement, a reminder of what it would be like to pedal the length of the peninsula on the busy highway.

Santo Tomás is not much more than several small stores along the highway, a restaurant, and a campground, and the area is known for its wine. After a steep climb out of town, camping is possible en route to the coast.

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