20/Todos Santos to La Paz

Distance: 79.1 mi (127.3 km)

Notes: sandy tracks and rough roads in the Sierra de la Laguna NP, seasonal water in drainages, 1.5 mile detour to El Triunfo for resupply, 6 miles of pavement out of El Triunfo, Los Divisaderos road is scenic, finish with 15 miles downhill to La Paz

Resupply: Todos Santos-FWMCR$ Bus, El Rosario-fW, El Triunfo- fWR 1.5 miles off route, Los Divisaderos-fW, La Paz-FWMCR$ Bus Airport

The ride from Todos Santos to El Triunfo traces the western edge of the Sierra de la Laguna, passing through the edges of the national park and crossing a lot of drainages in its path (almost none have water). Leaving Todos Santos on the main paved road to the north, you cross the main highway and turn onto a series of dusty farm roads. Be to sure close all cattle gates. You slowly reach the mountains, climbing into and out of a series of small drainages, entering an area with more trees. Sandy tracks, even while climbing in a few places, will make you work. Eventually, the track links to an old road bed which now rides more like a singletrack trail, descending into a drainage which may have water and some great campsites. A steep jeep road climbs out of this drainage and crests a pass, descending toward Valle Perdido, El Rosario, and El Triunfo. There is no food or water along this route until El Rosario, just a few miles before the pavement.

El Triunfo, 1.5 miles east of the route, is an old mining town enjoying a small restoration effort, supported in part by American philanthropist Christy Walton. The town is worth a visit, including the mining structure in the hills behind town. El Triunfo is an important resupply stop. There are several small stores in town and two modern sit-down eateries.

The route continues west on the highway for 6 miles, turn north on the Los Divisaderos road. This road slowly climbs to a high point near the north end where it connects with the paved road to La Paz. La Paz is the colorful capital of Baja California Sur, our favorite city on the peninsula and a great place to rest. A further discussion for resources in La Paz is listed in the section from Ciudad Constitución to La Paz.