19/San José del Cabo to Todos Santos

Distance: 55.7 mi (89.6 km)

Notes: a world of resupply in San José del Cabo, easy access to the airport 1 miles south of the route, Cactus Inn is about the nearest reasonably priced hotel to the airport (they might be able to provide a shuttle), the Sierra de la Laguna and the descent down the east side of the mountains

Resupply: San José del Cabo-FWMCRB$ Bus Airport, Todos Santos-FWMCR$ Bus

This classic ride connects the east and west cape by one of the only roads through the Sierra de la Laguna, locally referred to as Las Naranjas road. The road climbs over a low pass, descends, and climbs to a higher second pass with views of the Pacific Ocean. The descent down the other side is loads of fun, finishing with a long undulating ride to Todos Santos. The small city of Todos Santos is a favorite of snowbirds from the north, with a slightly greater sense of community than some of the east cape towns that are popular. In either case, it is a good place to resupply and check the internet before moving on.

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