18/La Ribera to San José del Cabo

Distance: 57.7 mi (92.9 km)

Notes: Cabo Pulmo MTB singletrack and snorkeling, the road from Los Frailes to Mt. Trinidad is sandy for the first 800′ of climbing, a long descent from the mountain to San Jose del Cabo

Resupply: La Ribera-FWMR, Cabo Pulmo-fWMR limited food resupply, El Palo Escopeta-fW,  San José del Cabo-FWMCRB$ Bus Aiport

Stock up in Los Barriles which is larger, or La Ribera which is 8 miles further south. Cabo Pulmo does not have a store, despite a steady tourist trade, but the singletrack trails are some of our favorite in Baja. After, there are no resources until Palo Escopeta which has a tiny store with limited hours, although San José del Cabo is only 10 miles further. The first part of the route rides down the coast, although mostly is is away from the beach, so look down a side track for beach access. Nearing, Cabo Pulmo, divert back to the main road, which is steadily being paved, to avoid a large private land tract near the airstrip. From here all the way to Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of the peninsula, private property signs and fences increasingly protect coastal estates, which is part of the reason why our route turns back into the mountains south of Cabo Pulmo. South of Los Frailes, the climb away from the sea is sandy for 4 miles, until you climb past 800′ in elevation, whereafter the road is firm and continues to climb with a few rapid descents as it crosses several steep drainages.

Topping out with big views of Mt. Trinidad and the Sierra de la Laguna, the route turns southward and begins the long descent back to civilization, passing the small community of Palo Escopeta before arriving at the northern end of San José del Cabo, about a mile from the airport. Especially for those considering a flight in or out of San José, the Cactus Inn is a mile and half from the airport, a few blocks off the main road.  The historic center of San José is about 8 miles south of here, and the city provides almost anything you could need, including tons of great places to eat. There is a small bicycle repair shop on this main road, but don’t expect much for parts. At the very south end of town, near the fancy hotels, there is a well-stocked high-end bike shop.  They are a Specialized dealer and speak some English.

There are public beaches along the southern shore of San José del Cabo. Cabo San Lucas, about 20 miles down the road, is an upscale resort town. The Baja Divide returns to the mountains.

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