17-20: Cape Loop/Circuito Cabos

The eastern cape shoreline is a highlight of Baja California Sur, including this rugged coastal road north of Los Barriles and the mountain bike singletrack at Cabo Pulmo.  La Paz and San Jose del Cabo are bustling cities with bountiful cultural and culinary attractions.

The Cape Loop is a 283 mile (455 km) circuit around the southern portion of the Baja peninsula. In the eastern cape the route travels the coastline along the Sea of Cortez between the cities of La Paz and San José del Cabo, crossing through the mountains south of the Sierra de la Laguna national park to the Pacific Ocean at Todos Santos, returning north to La Paz on rugged jeep tracks along the western flank of the sierra.  Highlights include the rugged coastal road east of San Juan de los Planes, the cerulean sea and the singletrack at Cabo Pulmo, and the mountain road across the Sierra la Laguna.

The concept of the Cape Loop is to provide a digestible week-long ride for those that don’t have a lot of time (Loreto and San Diego are the other easy access points for short tours). It also provides an optional return route to La Paz for anyone traveling out of that city, especially those that might be taking the ferry to the mainland to continue their cycling journey. This part of the route is served by airports in La Paz and San José del Cabo. Buses are available in La Paz, Los Barriles, San José del Cabo, and Todos Santos.  The cape region represents the most populated part of the route, although it retains a backcountry nature and free camping is still possible.

There are several substantial paved sections on this route, including a 15 mile ride in and out of La Paz. At the moment, this is the best routing available, although there may be options to improve the route in the future.

Warning: The route may become impassable when wet due to mud.

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17/La Paz to La Ribera

18/La Ribera to San José del Cabo

19/San José del Cabo to Todos Santos

20/Todos Santos to La Paz


Resupply legend: F-Food store, f-limited food resupply, W-Water, M-Motel, C-Campground, R-Restaurant, B-Bike shop, $-Bank ATM, Bus, Airport