12/San Ignacio to El Dátil

Distance: 70.8 mi (113.9 km)

Notes: quiet paved road from San Ignacio to the lagoon, Laguna San Ignacio whale watching excursions Jan-April, flat fast hardpacked dirt roads on dry lake beds between La Laguna and El Dàtil

Resupply: San Ignacio-FWMCRB Bus, Bike Hostel, San Zacarías-FW, La Laguna-fW, Ejido Luis Echeverría Alvarez-fW, El Dàtil-fW,

San Ignacio is one of the two largest and most notable oases and Spanish mission sites in Baja California. The historic European style town harbors one of the most stunning mission churches on the peninsula, and features a tranquility uncommon in many modern Mexican communities. With abundant fresh water and services, San Ignacio is one of the better places to take a rest day on the route.

Leave town to the south along a minor paved road which leads to Laguna San Ignacio, a popular whale-watching destination between January and April. The community of San Zacarías is about 10 miles south of San Ignacio and has a very well-stocked store. The route turns to dirt passing La Laguna and Ejido Luis Echeverría Alvarez, where it follows fast hardpacked dirt tracks across dry lake beds and with luck, prevailing winds will propel you across this unique landscape with little effort. There are many tracks through these lake beds, and they may change annually in the event of flooding. However, between the GPX track provided and some common sense, navigation is relatively simple. Follow the most used track. El Dàtil is a real fishing community, and various seafoods may be informally available for purchase. The store is small, but well-stocked, and is attached to a kitchen where hot food is available.

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