Miron Golfman Records New Baja Divide FKT in 10 days, 13 hours, 24 minutes

Miron Golfman left Tecate, BC, MX at midnight on January, 1, 2022, amidst fireworks and other celebrations marking the new year. After ten and a half challenging days on the Baja Divide he has arrived in Plaza Mijares in San Jose del Cabo in 10 days, 13 hours, and 24 minutes, marking a new FKT (fastest known time) and completing the route nearly a full day faster than Pete Basinger and Lael Wilcox, who formerly held records on the same route.

For more information on the nature of an FKT of the Baja Divide, visit the Records page on this site.

Miron’s ride also marks the first FKT attempt to travel across Bahia Concepcion via boat to ride the east side of the bay, a special and scenic segment of the official Baja Divide touring route. The Baja Divide FKT allows a detour which avoids this segment– in trade for a swift segment of paved highway– as boat rides across the bay can be delayed for days as wind and weather prohibit safe passage. As such, Miron’s swift passage from Tecate to San Jose del Cabo is made even more significant by the addition of the logistical challenge and distance required by the inclusion of this segment.

Two small route discrepancies are recorded via Trackleaders.com, which provides tracking for the Baja Divide route, both for FKT attempts and for cycle-tourists. One occurs between Vicente Guerrero and San Quintin, where changing roads and property lines require more frequent route maintenance, and route changes are expected to occur in this active agricultural valley. The second is a minor shortcut north of Cataviña, in which Miron arrived at the paved highway– MEX1 — several miles before the route meets the road. The nature of this error is not yet known but fails to register as a significant attempt at circumventing the multiplicitous challenges of the Baja Divide.

Miron’s ride has been recorded by a documentary film crew and as such, videographic details of his ride will eventually be published. The film crew that followed Miron’s ride was instructed to provide as much space as possible to avoid influence on his ride, his mental state, and his physical well-being, in the spirit of a self-supported endeavor.

Learn more about the motivations for Miron’s ride on his website Ride to Endure.

Image courtesy Miron Golfman via Instagram.

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