Lavanya rides the Baja Divide!

Lavanya Pant, the recipient of the “Lael’s Globe of Adventure” Women’s Scholarship for the Baja Divide is on route! Lavanya, who is riding the route with her partner Al Cowan, writes from Ojos Negros, BC, MX:

“A few photos from ‘Tecate to Ojos Negros’. It has been so fun! I particularly liked the small dirt road outta Tecate before it joins the larger road at the turn off.

Also, the descent to Ejido Sierra Juarez in the early morning where a cowboy on a horse and his trail dog appeared and we went downhill together. Into Ojos Negros we rode next to a procession of Baja buggies.

Ofelia’s restaurant at the end of the road into town has great food. She is very nice and funny, last night we watched reality TV shows together and she gave me lots of Baja remedies for every ailment.

We will push to hot spring today [at Ejido Uruapan].

I forgot to mention – my bike! It’s great. So smooth over sand, rocks, ruts. It goes on auto pilot on downhills and seems to steer and descend itself. As a result, I have been attempting a lot more things I wouldn’t on my Disc Trucker and having a lot more fun!”

Through the scholarship program, Lavanya was provided an Advocate Cycles Seldom Seen, size extra small, and a full set of Revelate Designs bikepacking bags. A travel stipend of about $1500 was provided through generous donations from individual supporters all over the world. Look for mores stories following Lavanya’s ride on the Revelate Designs and Advocate Cycles sites, as well as the Baja Divide blog.

For more regular updates from the trail, follow Lavanya’s ride on Instagram as @lavlavish, and get Al’s perspective at @redeyesgreenthumbs.





6 thoughts on “Lavanya rides the Baja Divide!

  1. Chur for the shout outs Nicholas! I can’t tell you how much of a hoot the riding has been. Every time there’s a hard part the reward is something woop inducing. Every time there’s a tedious part the reward is something spectacular. And then there’s the food and the people…

  2. What an experience Al! So glad to hear all the news and see the photos. I admire and envy you both, G

  3. Right on. Ride on. Lavanya looks to be having all kinds of fun. I rode from Tecate to Ensenada several times, which of course is much shorter, merely 75 miles.

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