The first 8 riders on the Baja Divide

The following riders are all currently on the Baja Divide.  These riders are on greatly different journeys, riding different bikes, and come from very different places. We are happy to know that these awesome people are the first ambassadors for the Baja Divide, and everyone is helping by providing feedback that will improve the route, allowing us to refine the GPX track and other resources.  For the latest updates from the route, be sure to link up with these riders through their blogs and Instagram, and through #bajadivide.  Salvador at FASS Bike in Vicente Guerrero has received all of these riders at his bike shop, which is the best bike shop on route and the only professional shop between San Diego and La Paz.  Follow @fassbike on Instagram, and be sure to check out Corbin and Cjell’s videos as well.

Note, the Baja 1000 race is scheduled for November 16-20, and racers are prerunning the course right now.  The Baja 1000 race route changes annually, but shares a lot of tracks with the Baja Divide this year.  Anyone planning to ride the Baja Divide during this time may experience more traffic the usual between Ojos Negros and Catavina.  The routes are not exactly the same through this section, but they do share a lot of tracks.  It would be best to be off the Baja 1000 race route between Nov 16-20, and expect higher than average dust and loose sediment after the race.

Also, if there is anyone who has been planning to be at the January 2, 2017 group start but has not yet been in contact with us, please write immediately to  Registration for the group start is closed due to a high level of interest.  The Baja Divide is a free resource and is open to ride at any time.  Expect some minor updates to the GPX track soon.


Screen Shot 2016 11 09 at 9 12 23 AM

Franzi and Jona (Germany)

Riding from Alaska to Argentina

Blog: Tales on Tyres

Instagram: @talesontyres

Bikes: Bombtrack Beyond Plus 27.5+


Screen Shot 2016 11 09 at 9 10 55 AM

Saška and Przemek (Slovenia/Poland)

Riding for over a year in Scotland, Iceland, Edmonton to Baja with plans to continue through Mexico into summer 2017.

Blogs: Z Biciklom Naokoli (Slovenian); In Between Spokes (English and Polish)

Instagram: @saskabellian

Surly Krampus 29×2.4/2.5” with Rohloff


Screen Shot 2016 11 09 at 9 16 56 AM

Chris Estrem and Deb Taylor (Ketchum, Idaho, USA)

Riding the complete route, parked a car in Chula Vista, CA.

Bikes: Salsa Mukluk Ti 29+ and Fatback Rhino 29+


Screen Shot 2016 11 09 at 9 13 16 AM

Cjell Mone and Corbin Brady (Colorado, USA)

Riding the complete route, arrived via air to San Diego.


Instagram: @monebikes; @corbinbrady

Bikes: Singlespeed vintage Kona Unit 26 with 3.0 Nokian Gazzaloddi tires; custom Black Sheep 29+ singlespeed

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